Wedding venues

Italy is the perfect place for a wedding, because the external setting for the feast is unparalleled. Breathtaking landscapes, high quality, delicious food, world class wines and a romantic atmosphere are more rule than exception, wherever you choose to spend your holidays in Italy. You can be confident that your party will be special and memorable for you as well as for the near future.

Ik Romantic Tuscany, Venice and Rome are perhaps the most famous wedding destinations but the dazzlingly beautiful Amalfi Coast and Sorrento, the luxurious Northern Italian Lake District, the idyllic Liguria and fascinating Sardinia, also offer great places to organize the wedding. What kind of scenery do you want your party to spend?   Do you want to organize an intimate celebration with a private villa where you can stay with your guests. Or do you want to spend your feast on a quality vineyard, where flavor experiences are at the heart of your party. Or do you dream about a wedding on a white sandy beach or maybe a luxurious hotel on a refreshed lighthouse on a rocky cliff?

Whatever your wedding anniversary in Italy is, we will assist you in implementing it.