wedding in italy

civil ceremony

civil ceremony

A civil ceremony is legally binding in Italy and is valid all over the world. It takes place most often in city halls, which are almost without exception beautiful old villas or palaces owned by the local government. Several municipalities and cities have granted the use of private villas, medieval castles, gardens and vista terraces for wedding purposes.

A civil ceremony takes about 20 minutes beginning to end and is carried out by a municipal authority, usually in Italian. If the couple doesn’t speak it, the law requires a translation in a language the two can understand. After the wrap up, the married couple has the opportunity to ask for a religious blessing of the marriage. We help you contact the authorities and with the preparation of the necessary documents, guiding you through the whole process for a stress-free experience. Couples of the same sex can also take advantage of a civil union ceremony.

church wedding

church wedding

A church wedding ceremony in Italy is possible if either the groom or the bride is part of the Catholic Church. We are also able to arrange a service if you belong to the Lutheran Church, the Protestant Church, or other creeds.

Legally binding church ceremonies are in some cases possible to arrange also in Protestant churches, which you find mainly in bigger cities like Florence, Rome, and Venice. Religious blessings of any creed, on the other hand, can be carried in a location of choice, such as historical villas, luscious gardens, sand beaches, etc.

symbolic ceremony

symbolic ceremony

A symbolic wedding ceremony is a convenient way of committing to one another and a good option to avoid bureaucracy between the two countries. A symbolic wedding ceremony is not legally binding, so most wedding couples officially marry in the country of residence before the arrival in Italy. A symbolic wedding ceremony can be carried out anywhere and performed by anyone. Unlike civil services, they do not follow a specific wedding formula, and can be carried out according to the wishes of the wedding couple. Because of this flexibility, symbolic rituals are often more personal and emotional.

A tailored wedding

With our help, organizing a wedding in Italy is easy. You can plan all the fun stuff, and leave the arrangements to us. For example, if you’ve already found a fantastic place for the celebrations, but need someone reliable to take care of the details on the spot, we are at your service.

You can also leave the party preparation entirely to us. Our expertise will allow us to find the right locations and plan and implement the wedding of your dreams.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions: we look at each event and provide a plan that fits your needs.

Customized services

Organizing weddings in Italy is easy. You can prepare the party just as much as you like and leave the rest of the arrangements for us. For example, if you’ve already found a place for a dream in your dream, but you need someone trustworthy to take care of the details on the spot, we’re at your disposal.   Equally you can leave the party preparation completely for us. Our expertise and experience is at your disposal to find the right place for you and your dream wedding planning and implementation.   We do not offer ready-made package solutions, but we take into account the individual needs of our customers. We are just as supportive as you need.

Unique Solutions

Would you like to crown your wedding party with elegant Italian details, such as a historic print shop with handmade printed invitation cards, delightful Italian guest gifts, or even with rings designed by local jewelery designers?   With our extensive network of networks and excellent local knowledge, we help you locate the most prestigious and talented craftsmen and service providers in your field. Have a real Italian elegance in your party.

More than just ceremonies

We help you arrange many different activities to entertain your guests.

For the adventurous

Sailing or motorboat trips on the Italian coast, day trips with a Vespa, Fiat 500 or electric-motor mountain bikes. Want something really unexpected? What about a hot air balloon flight over the beautiful Italian landscape?

For the gourmand

Vineyard tours with wine tasting in well-known Chianti and Prosecco areas of Tuscany, Piedmont, and Veneto, wine courses held by top sommeliers, private guided tour of the olive grove and tasting at the oil mill, a visit to an artisan pasta factory, cooking courses, or truffle-hunting with a guide.

For culture lovers

We organize guided tours to historic cities, museums and other destinations. We can also recommend and arrange tickets for concerts, theater, opera and unique village events.

For the shopaholics

A day of indulgence with treatments at an authentic luxury spa nestled amidst vineyard fields or in the hot springs of a natural spa.

For those interested in relaxation and well-being

A day of indulgence with treatments at an authentic luxury spa nestled amidst vineyard fields or in the hot springs of a natural spa.